Thursday, 23 May 2013

I love it hip hop

It's all began 25 years ago. I was a toddler, mesmerised by a Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire film. Once I could walk, my family were forced to watch my choreographed dance extravaganzas in the living room (props included), and paid for my Jazz and Modern Dance classes at primary school. Secondary school was time to grow up and be cool. Jazz hands weren't cool. In year 8 I bowed out of dance with a mind blowing finale of Janet Jackon's Rhythm Nation in the assembly room. But the fiery love of dance was still burning bright inside me, only ever to be seen by my bedroom mirror or by drunk people on a nightclub chair.

Now, I live my life of movement vicariously through those people on dance shows, especially Got To Dance (Ashley Banjo reow!), and watching dance at the theatre. On Tuesday I went to see 'Some Like It Hip Hop' at the Peacock Theatre. One word: amazing! This is ZooNation's second incredible production after the very successful 'Into the Hoods'.

I was totally involved from the first beat until the very last. The comedy was brilliant and I was speechless at how good the women's dancing was. I don't know why, but I just sort of expect men to be better at break dancing - but sorry boys, the women blew you right out of the water. The lead girl (name?!!?) was INSANE. The 'governor' was doing some terrifyingly intense krumping which nearly made me cry because I felt his emotion. I felt emotion through a KRUMP. Everyone's movements were so precise, so tight, and yet really smooth. THE MUSIC. Oh the music. Where can I get the soundtrack?! I was bopping around in my seat, half wanting to jump on stage and half wanting to kill myself that I don't dance like that.

Oh that's another thing. I am one of those people who, if the audience starts to stand up or get involved in any way, I'm begrudgingly hauling myself out of my seat, secretly hating the person who started getting everyone to join in. However, at SLIHH, I practically lept out of my seat to dance. The audience were all copying the moves and hollering and 'whheeyyy woahhh'ing from side to side, which I usually refrain from because I think it just draws attention to the fact that I am a white person, but I was 100% loving it. I didn't want it to end.

Basically you should see it if you like REALLY GOOD THINGS. Now I'm off to learn how to krump and pop, lock and drop so everyone will be like 'woah Laura I didn't know you could do that?!!!!' and I'll be like 'yeah'.

Can't Touch This

Monday, 20 May 2013

Coke: making me feel loved

I'm sure many of you have already seen the fantastic Coca-Cola campaign - coke, diet coke and coke zero bottles inviting you to 'Share a Coke with [insert name]'. This campaign, which shows bottles with 150 of the UK's most popular first names branded on them, is to encourage people to share the drink with their loved ones and enjoy it with friends.

I have to say, I felt very special when my friend took this photo and sent it to me:

Such a brilliant idea that pushes both sales and consumer emotion. I rarely buy Coke but if I happen to see one with a friend's name on it, I will buy it for them. It's such a tiny gesture which appeals to people in a massive way.

This campaign works great socially. If your name isn't one of the top 150, don't fret, you can create your own virtual can on Facebook and still make someone feel special. It encourages thousands of people to take photos and pose with their bottles, share images and tag photos - they'll just do the work for you (!)

It is currently Coca-Cola's 125th anniversary so I'll share this fun fact infographic about Coke that I got from their site because I appreciate them putting ME on their bottles. I also appreciate that my parents decided against naming me Scarlet or India otherwise I may have never achieved my dream of being on the side of a double decker bus.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Children grow up thinking magazines are TOUCH SCREENS.

The reason I haven't written a post in a week is because I recently got myself a new job. I am now the Social Media Community Manager for Lucozade Sport, Revive and Energy. ... ... ..

...just pausing for a small applause there.

Anyway, I am always either on a computer or my smartphone but my boyfriend is the complete opposite. He has no idea about Facebook or Twitter, and his phone is a beaten up old Nokia. Although technology is my life and career, I think it's brilliant and refreshing that he doesn't care about being involved or in touch with any of it. He will never be someone like this:

Even though I am like that myself, I appreciate the fact that I had a whole childhood without it. I got my first brick phone when I was 13, and only started using social media at the age of 18 when I created my first MySpace account. I feel sad to think that 5 year olds have Facebook and that children are brought up heavily relying on technology.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is based on this video I saw a while ago. A baby who is so used to a touch screen, now expects the magazine to respond to her sweeping hand. 


Sunday, 5 May 2013

10,000 blog views oh yeaahhhh

It's a Sunday/Bank Holiday so I will take a day off from brain activity. However, I did want to have a post just celebrating my achievement of 10,000 blog views!

I started this blog in July 2011 and it has been a great platform for me to speak, show my work and motivate myself. When I first thought of getting a blog I thought perhaps it was too late to start, but my friend told me to just get on with it rather than waste time worrying about whether I should have one or not.


  • In the past 23 months I have written 85 posts. 
  • The top-read posts of all time have been 'Disney's Top Hottest Males'- 471 views, 'Facebook Funnies' - 321 views, Pussy is for Women' - 270 views, and 'Chelsea FC's new kit ad' - 175 views.
  • Most of my audience have been from the UK totalling at 5494 views, closely followed by the US who made up 2228 of the views. Other random places my blog has been viewed are Germany, Russia, France, Latvia, Italy and Canada. 
  • 48% of people viewed my blog on a Windows, 25% viewed it on a Mac, and 15% on an iPhone. with Firefox and Chrome being the browsers of choice.
  • Most of my traffic came from Google, followed by Facebook, Twitter, and my Single Creatives profile, although I had a lot of links to my blog from very random sites such as Film Hill and On Time Marketing. 
  • The most popular keywords typed in Google that made my blog appear in search results are 'embarrassing nightclub photos', 'robin hood disney' and 'jaguar drawing'

So there we have it! If anyone is thinking of starting a blog/website then stop thinking about it and just do it. It's easy to build (although I would recommend Wordpress over Blogspot) and it's easy to track your progress.
I am thinking of writing a post soon about how to build a website as I know all the help forums are not helpful whatsoever. I will explain it in the most basic way and it will hopefully make the prospect of building a website seem like less effort and a lot less daunting - hopefully I'll help you get to 10,000 views too!

Happy Days!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

No one actually likes you...

Stop me if any of these look familiar....

You've probably clicked 'like' or answered these photos then sat there waiting eagerly for the magic to happen, only to shed a quiet tear over the fact that life remained as it was.

Meanwhile somewhere in the world, a scammer is making a little profit on your gullibility. These pages are created to boost their comments, likes and fans into the thousands, then are sold to companies for their business. The company will then change all the info and bam, that unknown company has some mega super following on Facebook and it makes their online presence soar!

If you wanted to like J Beebs for instance, which group are you most likely to click like?

Having a strong online following immediately builds credibility. But does this mean anything, really?

Having worked in SEO, I know how much clients rely on numbers; number of views, number of sales, and number of increased traffic. Clients also love to see evidence of human interaction and they want to see it NOW. They like to see people are clicking on their pages and on their links, how many clicks per this and clicks per that and want to see clicking results all over the clicking place.

From my experience as a human being and being a Facebook user myself, I know that 'likes' does not equal any genuine feeling. I mindlessly like many Facebook pages, only to never visit them again, and if they post things regularly that take up my feed then I get annoyed and swiftly delete them.

This is why I believe these scams don't work in the long run. People will eventually realise that what they originally liked eg. Boobs and Kittens, is now something else a lot less likeable, such as Pension Plans 4 U.

The way to build up a credible page is to start from scratch. Get a good website or blog (an essential starting point of any business), a Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all it's offerings, Pinterest etc... Make a network of sites, make them blend, target specific people, entertain them with regular, relevant content that is genuinely interesting. Build it and they will come. But you have to maintain it and be in it for the long haul. In SEO, people want results and there is no time for patience, however the hard way is often the best way.