Sunday, 19 April 2015

Spotify target your Playlists

This post can go one of two ways.

1. I can delve into the complexities of targeted ads; educating you all on the history of how marketers used to target their audiences, and then blowing your mind with some impressive, yet scary, facts about how advanced and "Big Brother" it's all become. How we can now target by age, gender, ethnicity, location, job, interests, hobbies, relationship status, political views, income, mobile behaviours, shopping habits, words you hashtag, etc....

2. Or I can just tell you about the new Spotify targeting feature.

Well seeing as yesterday's gin is still sloshing around inside my suffering body, slowly being absorbed by the remnants of a McDonalds Big Tasty, I'll go with the latter.

Not sure why I used cutlery.

We all enjoy a good Spotify playlist until those annoying, repetitive ads come on. Someone shouting at you to buy something shit. Who cares?

So now Spotify have created a new feature for all the savvy marketers out there, called Playlist Targeting.

Imagine the following....
So you're working out and listening to the Cardio Playlist (8th most popular playlist), and then an ad comes on for Protein World or Lucozade Sport telling you about a new product that will help make you ripped.
Then you're at your office desk, hating life, listening to Deep Focus Playlist (17th), and you're interrupted by an ad, but for Reed suggesting that maybe it's time for that career change.
Then, on that long, tiresome drive home from work with your 'Travelling' playlist, Sainsbury's ad suggests you pop in and pick up something quick and easy for dinner.
And when you finally get home, you find a note on the kitchen table from your partner saying they have left you for someone else. Obviously you go straight to Spotify and play the 'Break Up' mood playlist, where Ben and Jerry's are there, offering you comfort and solace in a tub of Caramel Chew Chew.

Not what you'd look like in this situation. Purely used this for the post thumbnail so you'd read it lololol. Pervert.

Anyway, you get my point. So much potential. With over 60 million active users spending on average 2.5 hours a day listening to playlists, that's a lot of opportunities for marketers to create bespoke ads and get them heard by their exact target audience.