Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Great ad... but for Visa?

Saw this today on my way home from work...

Made me smile. However, if a taxi is driving past you at 35 mph on a crowded street, and the first and only thing you manage to see is the clever running illusion, what would you think it was advertising?
In London... In 2012...

Only when I looked closer at the photo afterwards, did I see it was for Visa Connections. I assumed it was for the Olympics.

Taxi's are a great medium for advertising though and it worked humour-wise, but not sure it associates well with the brand.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

For a change...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Saatchi&Saatchi Scholarship 2012 (Granny Ludlow cont...)

What started out to be a last minute entry into something I didn't think I'd get, has now turned into me being in the final 49 people out of 3,000 after 3 different briefs. Mental.

If you scroll down to my 'Granny Ludlow' post, it will explain all about how I started the Saatchi summer scholarship. Last thing I wrote was that I was given the 3rd brief, which was to recreate an ad which we thought was really good, and to present a case on a bad advert and why we thought it was bad, in 90 seconds.

My bad ad I talked about Albion's 'Wonga' ads with the pensioner puppets, and for the good ad I recreated AMV BBDO's 'Heinz' blowing-on-the-soup-in-a-tune ad. Here is my full entry:

Today I found out I got into the final 49. There are two more briefs. Not sure what they involve but I'm ready.

ps. how ANNOYING is my voice?!!!????


Bakerloo Line at Waterloo. Brilliant. I'm coming to find you guys.

Buy My Face

I came across 'Buy My Face' while doing a bit of research at work, looking for interesting and innovative ideas.

Two graduates, who have found themselves in thousands of pounds worth of debt, have come up with a great idea to earn it all back. The deal is, that for a year, companies can pay to have their logos painted on the boys faces for a whole day. They have already had big names like Oxfam, British Heart Foundation and Piper's crisps.  Clever!

Buy their faces here:

Panda cheese, dying of laughter

I rarely, rarely laugh out loud at ads. In fact.... have I ever?
I have now. A LOT. At a man in a Panda suit.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Back to the drawing board

Last night I attended a life drawing class purely because I am trying to exercise my inner creativity and do something productively fun with my evenings.

It was at the Baby Bathhouse in Stoke Newington, which is this very cool gothic, Victorian inspired bar. The class was held downstairs so we walked through a narrow cobbled walkway and down a steep staircase into a sort of cave, draped with purple velvet and lit with only prayer candles and a naughty red glow from installations in the walls. I felt I was in for a night of debauchery. Materials were provided for this 2 hour long class, and it was only £3! It was very relaxed and no one was there to tell or teach us how to draw, we could just draw however we wanted. I haven't done life drawing in a while and so I had to hold back my giggle when the model stripped off completely and started off with an open leg pose - it was then that I regretted sitting on the floor at the front...

Paper, beer and fire - safe combination

The model performed a movement piece for 20 minutes so we sketched what we saw.

Series of different poses and 10 second sketches

20 second sketch

25 minute sketch

It's nice to draw just for the fun of it with no pressure or anyone judging your style. I highly recommend it and, with the promise of burlesque models and talents, I will definitely go again.