Thursday, 25 July 2013

My social education

I feel like my blog is a boyfriend whom I've cheated on with my job. Now I come crawling back, I almost feel like I don't deserve to write on here anymore. Especially seeing as I've also been cheating on it with Breaking Bad and Netflix's new series, 'Orange Is The New Black' - (check that out by the way if you ever liked Bad Girls).

I was going to make a comeback post about the David Beckham Sky Sports ad... Seriously, what is the point in that ad apart from to show that 20 David Beckhams are even more boring than just the one?

Instead, I thought I'd share several pieces of memorable and great advice that I picked up whilst meeting new people during the start of my job. These are now the foundations of my social education:

'On social, you're not competing with other brands, you're competing with people's mates' - Facebook

'Don't treat social media like it is in a bubble of no consequence' - Legal at GSK

'The Internet loves the exceptional... and fuck all else frankly' - Google

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Marketing jargon: my insights into NONSENSE

Since my last post, I:

  • attempted another Buzzfeed post to follow my previous one (it did badly.. deleted it out of shame and don't want to talk about it)
  • turned 27
  • went to Newquay
  • have been working my arse off

It's fun though, working in marketing. Even though I am in social media, I am tight with the brand teams and have learnt a lot about marketing in the wider sense. I feel like everything my marketing friends were talking about before is now all making sense; I understand the lingo.

Marketing lingo aka. jargon, has baffled me for years. ROI, insights and analysis, comms... I hadn't the foggiest what it all meant. It was all spoke so quickly and confidently that I was afraid to ask. Afraid that I'd be pulled into a vortex of more words that baffled me, yet left me in awe and amazement.

I am now part of the club. I understand the words, the phrases, the shortcuts. And I can happily tell you now; you're not missing out. It's amazing how marketers can say so much, without actually saying anything at all. I sit there as team members have meetings upon meetings, (even meetings to discuss when to have the next meeting), whilst they have jargon wars - 'reaching out' and 'pushing back' across the table.

I have created this little table (excel spreadsheet that shit) to help you with some of my 'key findings':

It's ironic because people use these words to sound clever, but when they use pure jargon to build a sentence, that's when you can see they are not clever at all. 

This way of talking exudes exclusivity. It confuses those who are not 'in the know' and makes them feel inferior in conversations. It's funny because marketing is all about how to reach and connect with consumers, yet this kind of language puts automatic barriers up and stops anyone outside of the marketing world relating to them at all.

Working in social media, I don't think I will ever lose the ability to connect with consumers on a personal level. I've tried to make us look more like a mate on your newsfeed, rather than a corporation. I chat the lingo of a 16 year old for our brand, and spout jargon (when appropriate) in meetings. I have discovered that, no matter how you have to talk in certain situations, the best thing to do is say it like it is. Explain things properly. Don't try to look smart, just be smart.