Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween ads are a SCREAM!

HALLOWEEN, aka the best time of the year, is right around the corner. I am squealing like a butchered pig at the thought of watching terrifying films, eating spider shaped sweets and carving spooktacular pumpkins - all whilst in fancy dress! Is there anything better? I think not.

Me, my future hubby and the kids on Halloween
I have a love of All Hallow's Eve and advertising, so you can imagine my excitement when brands start to incorporate the holiday into their marketing campaigns.

Last year, Tide and Oreo both did these creative Vines which were fun 7 second videos recreating scenes from The Shining (click on the hyperlinks to view). This film seems to be the cult horror classic of choice, even this year with Ikea in Singapore.

Take a look - I bloody love it

I love how relevant the advert is, not only to Halloween, but that they've chosen a scene from a film that works so well in their own environment - The Shining really wouldn't have looked out of place if it were set in Ikea (REEDD RUUGGG)
Not only does this ad show they are now open until late, but they have made this a multi-channel campaign with a social competition. Viewers have to spot any of the 13 items listed here for a chance to win a £30 giftcard. (could have offered a bit of a more high-value prize though?)

In other news, Subway are causing waves in America with their 'Eat our healthy sandwiches so you look hot in your slutty Halloween outfits' adverts.... True story!

You are a disgrace to Halloween

I have been working on something with the brand I work with for Halloween, I'm excited to finish it up and release it to the public. Unfortunately it's not as genuinely horrific as I wanted it to be (apparently you can't do that if you're a world famous brand.....WHATEVER.) but I'm still proud of the idea and reckon it will work nicely for our brand. And it will definitely be better than these....

a cheating website!

looks... like.... poo

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Self Promotional Charity - Part 2 (WakeUpCall)


So we have yet another charity awareness social campaign designed for female narcissists. This time it's taking a selfie the moment you wake up and then posting it online with the hastag #WakeUpCall. So far it's mainly celebrities taking part, however I'm sure this will spread quicker than ebola and you'll soon see suspiciously flawlesss pics of that Facebook friend you know full well is a right munter.

Jemima Kahn started the trend that asks people to post a selfie and then donate $8 to child right's charity, UNICEF. The selfies aim to serve as a "wake up call" that alerts people of the child refugees in Syria. Nice idea, ruined by vanity.

Wish I woke up with a naturally filtered face like Paris',.....

Generally, I believe you can never do a non-self-gratifying wake up selfie for two reasons:

1. Either your photo will be contrived and designed to show everyone how "amazing" you look when you wake up, boosting your ego. OR
2. It will be a genuine photo of your wake up face, but yet one you are still happy with enough to post it into cyber space to show people how comfortable you are with your appearance, ergo boosting your ego.

Ruffled hair! She totally must have just woken up

Again, like I acknowledged in my previous post, if people are actually donating and raising money for a good cause then you can't really attack the campaign. I suppose my point is that it's a shame that the only way of raising money is appealing to people's vanity. We already have a wide range of social media platforms whereby you can show everyone what an amazing life you have, so do we really need more excuses to parade ourselves before people who don't really give a shit? It's just encouraging a future generation of narcissists, obsessed with their personal adequacy! (Dramatic of me but true)

Never wanting to end on a deep or depressing note, here is one of my favourite #WakeUpCall selfies. Men can make it funny, girls make it shit.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Song For Your Story

So I pretty much just got back from my holiday in US which was incredible. I hopped in a people carrier with random strangers and we road tripped it from Newark to Miami, via DC, Tennessee and the Deep South.

the gang

One day in Panama City Beach it was raining so we went to see a movie, and one of the pre-show ads really caught my attention. It was for Spotify and the tagline was

'You have the story, we have the song'.

The ad shows Jason telling us about when he got fired from his job and handled it like a rockstar thanks to Whitesnake's 'Here I Go Again'. Check it out: 

You'll see at the end of the ad is the hashtag #ThatSongWhen. This is just the beginning of Spotify's new campaign which encourages viewers to share their memories where music played a pivotal role. 

The aim is that this will drive conversation, evoke emotion, and thus result in people signing up to Spotify over other more popular US music streaming platforms such as Pandora and iTunes Radio.

I think it's safe to say that everyone has one, if not hundreds, of songs that stir up nostalgia or connects them back to a specific moment in time. Spotify have created the hashtag so you can share your stories with the world. Here are a few examples of what they've had so far.

It was weird for me to see this campaign whilst on a trip I had been dreaming about for years. Ever since I first developed these itchy feet to drive around and explore America, whenever I heard a chillout house tune I'd imagine driving down long stretches of asphalt, my hair blowing in the wind and the sun setting on my face. There are definitely a few songs that were the soundtrack to my trip, songs which will ensure I never forget the amazing experience.

I hope Spotify do well out of this campaign as it's a great idea, despite the bad rep they've obtained. Just to end, here is another one of their ads which is really sweet. #ThatSongWhen nine-year old Mikey put everything on the line to win the heart of his playground crush.

(waiting for a song to come on the radio to press record on the tape player. Classic)