Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Janice Cripps' video on how to prune your wisteria (made by yours truly)

My mum recently started up her own garden design business. She is very talented and has a fantastic portfolio and recommendations. However, even though she had a website made, she had no idea how to get it noticed by anyone outside of her friendship group. It was then that I could finally repay her for the years of bringing me up, feeding and clothing me... yes, I made her a Twitter.

Not only did I set up an account, but I got her followers, targeted specific companies and people telling them about her website and replied to her followers messages and questions (when it comes to technology you simply cannot teach her to fish, you need to catch them for her). We then we decided to take it a step further. She wanted a blog and 'How To' videos.. clearly on the way to world domination now, so....

One YouTube channel later and here we have her first video on how to prune wisteria. Enjoyed doing this a lot, and considering it was a no budget video filmed on a photo camera on the movie setting with no tripod or microphone, I am pleased. Plus, she looks so cute at the end.

Stumbled Upon my new addiction

Like many, when I turn on my laptop I immediately hit Facebook, Twitter, e-mails and YouTube, and for the rest of the day I don't really veer from those sites. Bored of seeing the same things and tagged pictures of my drunk friends, I was inexplicably happy to have recently discovered Stumble Upon -

This website is great for inspiration. For those who haven't seen it, sign up, choose your interests (amongst mine are quizzes, astrology, photography) and click Stumble.. over and over, as it directs you to weird and wonderful sites, blogs and whatever else that's out there on this internet thing.

I have spent the past hour clicking away, (spent 10 minutes doing a visual DNA test and another 15 making myself into a dancing cat), so I thought I'd share several things I stumbled upon.

Portraits of dogs shaking off water

Making nature a little more fun

A step up from vodka jelly - Blackberry Gin Sours in hard jello form

Riomaggiore, Italy

The oldest, largest body of water in existence, 12 billion light years away, enough to supply an entire planet's worth of water for every person on earth 20,000 times over

Back with a banger

GUYS! (the 5 people that read my blog)

So sorry I have been M.I.A for over a month..(I know, you noticed.) To cut a long story short, I have been gan'dan job centah and fighting against this economic downturn, trying to fund my basic needs so that I can continue working towards a lovely ad-related career.

Anyway, I saw this ad and was reminded why I love advertising. What a clever idea, executed perfectly. Bordering on risque, but not compared to most ads these days. A famous port, but with an old name that has probably struggled to move into the 21st Century with being accused of being explicit, is making light of it's situation and still keeping it's class.