Sunday, 9 February 2014

YES Moment

Today was the day that my team, Lucozade Energy, released their brand new advert.

"When the energy flows, and everything clicks… there's a word for it…. YES"

The advert is for our YES Moment campaign which celebrates, inspires and creates YES moments. A YES moment is basically when you're with your mates, having the greatest, most memorable time - you're lost in the moment and you never want it to end. A moment of spontaneity or madness; a moment you will never forget.
Being part of the marketing team and working on this campaign, I am heading up the social side of it; promoting #YESMoment on Twitter and spreading this message online.

2014 is set to be a really exciting year. A partnership with Club MTV, another year on the festival scene, plus a long running on-pack offer called The YES Project which offers hourly prizes. This month we are offering trips to Cancun for spring break (which I am still trying to blag a spot… for business reasons…), and in April Lucozade Energy own the road trip to Snowbombing festival. I feel a little guilty that I actually get paid for this.

Lucozade Energy is there to fuel these experiences and incredible YES moments, to be the brand that is there with you and creates those times when you feel most alive. The ad, created by Grey, captures that carefree vibe when everything is forgotten and all you feel is pure bliss; that's your YES Moment, and nothing else matters.

Follow @lucozadeenergy on Twitter and get involved with #YESMoment.