Friday, 31 August 2012

Facebook Funnies

My last few posts have been pretty text-heavy, so i thought I'd provide some light relief with some photos that are on some of my favourite Facebook groups. I don't really like to join Facebook groups, I find that you're always bombarded with notifications and your newsfeed looks a mess (I like mine to look neat and aesthetically pleasing).

Badly Stuffed Animals:

Dog shaming: (this is actually a tumblr/website, but just had to share)

Embarrassing Nightclub Photo of the Week:

I'm a Creative:

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Logo Drawing

Once I got my job in digital marketing, I never thought I'd get the chance to put the old pencil to paper. No sketching, scribbling or designing the old school way.

Luckily for me, a company that does the PR for our company wanted a new logo. The owner wanted a hand-drawn design of a jaguar to go with their company's name on the website and business cards. I was more than happy to oblige and I came up with this:

I handed it in and they gave it to a graphic designer who touched it up and put it with the logo. The final result has just been shown to me today!

I see it has been made quite dramatically different what with the shading and that, but I am still very pleased with the outcome, pleased I got to doodle for the day, and pleased I haven't forgotten how to draw!
If you want to check out this brilliant PR company (shameless plug!) go here:

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The power of social media - The Coyne's got Craig David to attend their wedding

For my 11th birthday in 1996, I planned to have a Spice Girl's themed party. I was totally and utterly obsessed with them and thought it would be amazing to have them there. I wrote them a very polite letter, asking them to attend, and posted it off to the fan mail address that was at the bottom of their monthly newsletters. I may have been naive, but I whole heartedly believed that they would have read my letter and exploded through my door, doing back flips and flicking peace signs.

Now, fast forward 16 years (cripes), and a whole lot has changed thanks to the internet. Kids have the opportunity to be in direct contact with their favourite celebrities, follow their every movement and perhaps even have them write back. This makes me feel sorry for my poor, expectant 10-year-old self.

Case in point; my friend's brother and fiance really love Craig David and wanted him to come to their wedding. In pure 21st century social media fashion, they put a video on YouTube of themselves rapping to the tune of his song, '7 Days', about how they want him at their wedding. Then they started tweeting him on Twitter... #getcraigdavidtoourwedding and got friends to retweet it. The video went viral and Craig David obviously noticed these pleas filling up his Twitter account. He replied saying that he would attend and everyone got really excited. But who actually thought he would? A celeb flying from L.A for free just because he was asked? Not bloody likely.

But, oh wait... shit yeah there he is -

The story of Theo and Lisa's success has since been published in The Daily Mail, The Metro and The Sun, and I assume they will all be best mates for life. (Really resentful towards my parents that I was born a decade too late and never had this chance with the Spice Girls)

In my job I work mainly in the social media sector. Every minute is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn... - my focus is audience outreach, getting peoples attention, and also proving to my parents that what I do IS a proper job and to my friends that Twitter IS useful and effective and is changing the way the world communicates. This is big fat proof of the power of social media, and I still think it is under-estimated and unappreciated by companies.

Get on the Twitter wagon, for God's sake.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Olympic branding to the extremes

A month has passed with no posts written. Apologies, I'm not with it.

Before I got my current job, I had already signed up to work at the London Olympics for a couple of weeks so I was kindly allowed to take this time off. I worked at the Wimbledon tennis, waitressing for stuck up, preppy, business people who had paid over a grand for tiny portions of poor quality food. I have been in the waitressing industry on and off since I was 15, but obviously had forgotten the horrid feeling of being treated like a servant; especially when one man held out his glass for me to top up without even looking at or thanking me. I remember thinking, as I was standing behind him with this huge bottle lingering over his head, why have I come back to this? Even for two weeks?!

Anyway, when I worked there, I saw the bar was serving something called 'No.1 Fruit Cup' - I thought, "that's odd", and got on with my life. Only much later in my time there did I realise it was actually Pimms. Someone told me that it was because of the branding regulations and that Pimms was not an official sponsor of the Olympics.

I then started noticing all these weird things. You know like when someone tells you a word that you have never heard in your life, and then the next day someone says it? It was like that. I noticed all the shops where I live had abstract Olympic squares instead of circles. Some shops said 'Lnodno 1202 Oylmicps'. I saw people on TV using their laptops but with stickers over the labels. I understand the branding laws and why they are in place; you can't not sponsor the Olympics and have your company advertised to the world, and those companies that did pay millions towards the games deserve to have exclusive rights. I'm just glad that having armed police around didn't squash the spirit of the supporters and they found other ways to show their patriotism and have fun with it. It's meant to be fun!

I found this image from the front of spoof magazine 'Private Eye' which made me laugh. Coke was an official sponsor...