Monday, 7 July 2014

Desperados Twisted Mission

Last week our PR company gave us some tickets to attend the very mysterious Desperados Twisted Mission; an exclusive event to celebrate their new lime and mint flavour, which involved an Instagram challenge followed by a private Sub Focus gig. It was hard finding out anything about this apart from the fact we had to turn up at 7pm in London's XOYO.

On entering the luminous green bar area which was urbanly decorated with gritty metal cages of Desperado beer, we were handed a wristband, two tokens for a couple of Verdes, and a lanyard with instructions for the mission.

The challenge was simple; to visit 5 bars around the area, take a selfie, and tag it with the hashtag #DVTM. Make it back to the bar in time and you'll get to see Sub Focus.

It was a fun, simple challenge which didn't require too much effort and wasn't too cringe so people would back out. Missions and challenges to win is something I've always wanted to do on social for the brand I work on, however it's sometimes hard to get people off their asses and take part unless the prize at the end of it is awesome and obtainable.

Anyway, after quite a few Verdes (which I have possibly favoured over the original), and a bottle-blowing band who performed a whistling rendition of Nicki Minaj's Starships (i dunno either), we headed downstairs to see Sub Focus in action.

Photos of the mission were projected onto a huge screen at the back of the club as the bass reverberated through the tequila-soaked crowd. All in all a fantastic night and brilliant social media challenge that got everyone in the spirit of the brand.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Stop ruining songs!

At the risk of sounding like I use my blog to just rant about ads that annoy me... I need to get this off my chest.

Has anyone else noticed the increase in ads which use old hip hop classics?

First, Money Supermarket and their bizarre Snoop Dogg partnership. This ad never bothered me much until I was about to get down to 'What's My Name?' in the car, when my sister immediately changed the song and said that she couldn't enjoy it now because it reminded her of 'You're So Money Supermarket'! Such a thoughtless ad, ruining a great song for my sister and most likely the nation.


A one off? Well no. Because suddenly comes along a mankini-wearing gnome, exposing himself to one of my all-time faves, 'Mr Boombastic'.

They have called this paedophilic gnome Gavin, in hope of making him some kind of fun spokesperson for the brand. Fine, I don't even have time to go into the pointlessness of this disturbing ad: I'll never be able to enjoy Shaggy in the same way again.

Put away those fiery biscuits, Gavin

You're probably thinking this is the most outraged I'd ever be right?
Well, what pushed me right over the edge into the depths of this blog post, was this advert for Shreddies...

They have not only murdered an absolute classic, Montell Jordan's 'This is How We Do It', but also dismembered it, marinated it in acid, set fire to the remains and poured the ashes into hell.

So maybe a little dramatic... but why Shreddies? Why old ladies? Why that song? Nothing fits in this advert and actually, when I first watched it I thought it was for fabric softener, as the ad seems to feature a lot of upholstery and bedding....

The common denominator in all these ads is that they are not massively 'cool' brands. However, they have all tried to be cool by playing cool songs whilst showing uncool things?

I don't feel like any of them really focused on what makes their brands so great, but instead distract us with nudity, pimps and Rolf Harris statuettes... oh, and ruin songs.