Monday, 28 September 2015

Marketing lols

Just a little bit of light writing from me on this sunny evening, as I have come across several things recently which have brought me great comical pleasure.

First off, Marks and Spencer's want to put their D in your bread.

Yes, I know I'm late to the party with this one. I blame the fact I went on holiday at the time this came out, and hadn't heard/seen it until my return.

I know a few people who've never heard the term 'The D', so perhaps M&S copywriter could be forgiven, but surely someone out of all the hands it passed through to go live had heard of the expression?

Next, Marketoonist. 

As someone who wasn't from a marketing background, I started my career very aware of how all marketers talked, acted and bullshitted in the exact same fantastic way. Despite now being fully integrated in the marketing world, I can still mentally step out and appreciate how ridiculous it can sometimes be. And how aware of life can you really be if you can't laugh at yourself?


I'll let you ponder that whilst enjoying some of my favourite cartoons by Tom Fishbourne. You can subscribe to his daily cartoons here.

And finally, my last lol of the evening. Oasis' continuing campaign of horror,

I'm not really laughing actually, more like cry/cringing.

Oasis' plan to 'connect' with their target audience by being 'authentic' and 'refreshingly honest', just comes across too forced for my liking. Their digital content is try-hard and unoriginal, see examples below, or read more about my views on it at length here.

One of the Marketoonist sketches sums up perfectly how I feel about this campaign.