Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I love a good film rant...

I recently purchased a poster of one of my favourite films, Gigi.

I am on a bit of a shopping craze at the moment; buying things for the flat I am saving for. Typical me, spending my money on coasters, artwork and kitchenware before I even have a property to put them in. At least if I end up buying a shack, I will be surrounded with nice things to look at.

Another large movie poster I own is this:

I am a big Tarantino fan and these two are my favourite of his films.

I never usually reveal what films I like as I think people can be quite annoying about your taste if it isn't the same as theirs. When you get that judgemental, 'whaaat?!! that movie SUCKS!', you start having to explain and justify why you like the film so they stop looking at you like you've just said something disgraceful like you like to kill babies or something.

I am a massive movie buff and enjoy exploring all genres and genuinely cannot choose an all-time favourite as so many are great in their own right. I don't judge when people have different tastes as not everyone will like the same thing - that's what genres are for. The same goes for music; people tend to either judge you on what artists you like or penalise you for enjoying something they think is 'lame'.

Actually, sorry, there is one time I judged someone. Once at a bus stop, two young teen boys struck up a conversation with me. They were tipsy and I was humouring them. We got onto the subject of films and they asked me what films I liked. Reluctantly, I said the first one that came to mind, 'True Romance'. This seemed to have got some kind of approval from them; heavy nodding, agreeing murmurs and 'good choice'. This annoyed me, I didn't need a pat on the back for liking a movie. I asked them their favourite movies and they listed them out at record speed; 'The Godfather', 'Taxi Driver', 'Scarface', 'Shawshank', 'Pulp Fiction'... Suddenly I felt rage and I criticised them for being unoriginal and simply picking films from IMDB's top films list (in fact I think I even accused them of memorising the list and not seeing the films.) I asked them to explain why they liked these movies and they couldn't say anything that made me believe they had any genuine love for, or opinion of, these films.

Don't tell me your favourite film is The Godfather...

I left the boys with a list of great, not well known, underrated films and hoped for the best.

So I guess I am judgmental, but just of those who praise you for saying the 'right' thing or make you feel like you're wrong otherwise, when they themselves stick to safe options and answers which get them more approval. It's irritating and bad form. 
Now leave me alone to enjoy 'The Slipper and the Rose'.


Thursday, 14 March 2013

My @OneMinuteBriefs Ads

Just a quick lunch break post to write about this awesome Twitter account I follow called One Minute Briefs.

It's very simple; each day a topic/product/brand will be suggested, and we loyal followers produce an ad in the space of a minute.

I thought I'd share a few of mine. I partake most days so if you are interested in seeing more in the future, just follow me on my Twitter. I don't think copywriting is my strong suit, I struggle with tag-lines and slogans and find the actual art direction is a lot easier and much more fun!


Hangover Cure



An Oscar Pistorius range for Nike

#Anti-Baldness Shampoo



Monday, 4 March 2013

Silly Stuff. It Matters.

I saw an ad this weekend for Three mobile network which I thought to write a blog post on because I love it – turns out it is trending on Twitter today under #DancePonyDance, so I’m obviously not the only one.

Take a look at the pony dancing to a bit of Fleetwood Mac –

I like it purely because of the simplicity of it and that it isn’t OTT. Ads often try so hard to push the humor or the entertainment onto the viewer. This ad is relaxed, unassuming… letting us sit back and just be amused by it. The tagline: ‘Silly Stuff. It matters’, sums it up perfectly. Where would we be without the clips and videos that go viral over the Internet? The boy on dentist medication, the Asian kids singing to Backstreet Boys, the drunk man in the convenience store or the kitten riding onthe turtle… they add something. Making us laugh, share, discuss… it makes you appreciate the wonders and randomness of the Internet so much more.

Three have noted that the majority of active mobile Internet users are those who watch virals, memes and the rest. They have recognized what their users like to do, what draws them in, and then used it in their ad. Now I am off to watch it again, mainly for the joy of the Michael Jackson-esque hoof stand after the tractor goes past.

http://lcripps.blogspot.com dance pony dance

Friday, 1 March 2013

Is your site behaving badly? Take it to (Webmaster) Tool Academy

So, even though this is just an excuse to publish the HILARIOUS photoshop picture I made above...(give yourself a minute to take it all in)... I thought I may as well write a post on my free, self-education course on Google Webmaster's Tools Academy.

WTA is a very simple, 27-step learning tool that not only explains the ins and out of web search, but also helps you to use Google to your advantage and make the most out of your business or website. I would recommended everyone to take a look at it because it's actually very interesting and gives some great tips on how to get noticed in a vortex of search results.

I have implemented Google Authorship myself - this means linking your Google+ profile to your website/blog so whenever your site/post turns up in search results, you'll see a little photo and 'about me' of the author. This makes the viewer more likely to click on you because you look approachable and human. Linking all sites and accounts you have to each other makes yourself a good little network. I have done this, and now, when you type in my name, I dominate the first page in Google. This is because I try and blog about 2-3 times a week to keep my blog active and read - you have to put consistant work in if you want to remain at the top and overtake your competitors - (I'm talking about you 'Laura Cripps Zumba'...Hope you enjoy the view down there at number 10! mmuhahahaha!!!!)

The aim is make your site easy to find. For this, Google Places is cool. If you have a business then you can create 'rich snippets' which are those big chunky results that show lots of information like the address, a store locator, a little map, a shortlist of products or career opportunities. The Geo Targeting tool is good too as you can target your business to relevant audiences, eg, if your site is .co.uk then Google knows it is relevant for people in the UK. You can fill all this in yourself; page titles, page descriptions, meta descriptions, informative urls etc... Just give Google as much info as you can so it falls straight into the public's hands. Like I said, you need to keep it active and have good meaty content. Online activity should be a big part of your business, not an afterthought.

What else? Well there is loads. Loads more I want to talk about in it but I'm sure they do it better themselves  - anyway, this was just an excuse to show my hilarious photo. It's still hilarious isn't it? I just can't stop looking at it....