Tuesday, 30 December 2014


As 2014 comes to an end, I thought I'd write a post about some of the things I am proud of this year.

Being British, if someone pays me a compliment or congratulates me, I awkwardly mutter thanks and sprint away from them, convinced that they are merely being kind out of pity.

One of my (many) New Years Resolutions is to take a moment to soak in my achievements and celebrate them. So, before I decide to not write this (because I am cringing already), here we go....

Pimp My Summer Ball

Earlier this year, Lucozade partnered with MTV so we could be more relevant to our target audience of 16-24 year olds. We created 'Pimp My Summer Ball', whereby selected Uni's could compete to get their summer ball pimped out by us. To vote, they just had to tweet #YESPimpMySummerBall plus their Uni name. This competition went above and beyond our expectations and KPI's.

  • It organically trended not only in the UK, but globally within the first 24 hours
  • We ended up with 7 million votes
  • Students created hundreds of hilarious memes showing their competitiveness
  • Celebrities got involved too

Ending with an amazing, celebrity-filled, pimped out summer ball at Teesside

Marketing Week

Thanks to one of our agencies, I had the chance to answer some questions for 'Marketing Week' magazine.

It was a high point in my year that I was able to talk about the benefits of social media to the biggest publication in my field of work.

I was featured in an article called The Social Experiment which had the subheading - 'Brands are learning that social media is not just a free marketing channel, but requires a content plan and nimble processes to take advantage of the constantly changing platforms'. 

I got a big quote

 Will always regret saying 'content' twice

Lad Bible

So if you work in social media and your target audience is 16-24 year olds, getting your post featured on The Lad Bible is somewhat of a big deal.

A few months ago I found out that Coca-Cola were going to release more bottles with more names on them. Their campaign is incredible and has worked so well, however we know that Coke can't put everyone's name on a bottle, so inevitably some people are going to be left out. 

I wanted to:
a) show off our litre range
b) show that we don't name bottles and exclude people
c) be an asshole

Thousands of likes and shares on Twitter and Facebook resulted in this

I feel this is a symbol of achievement because knowing your audience is so important. 
When I started my role, the brand was struggling to engage 16-24's on social. After months of experimenting and learnings, we have taken that forward to plan and create content which we now know is really engaging and relevant for our audience. 

America Road Trip

Taking the time to celebrate personal goals as well as professional, I am pleased to say I took life by the balls and booked a trek with strangers to drive and camp from New Jersey to Miami.

It was something I had been wanting to do for years but always found an excuse to push it back. I'm so glad I went, it was an incredible experience and I recommend it to everyone.

Buying my own flat

This may be a little premature, but I am a mere signature away from closing the deal on my very first flat.

I have saved ruthlessly for the past 3 years to save up enough for a property of my own - so I think that's probably something to be proud of, despite that fact I'll have no money left to fill it with furniture.

When I invite someone round for a cup of tea


Saving the utter best for last, my absolute proudest moment was going on the Coronation Street tour with my sister and doing THIS.