Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It worked

And then, for the first time in 15 years, I bought Heinz tomato soup.

'Axe' creative brief

I received this brief several weeks ago and thought I'd give it a little shot. I watched all Axe commercials and saw all the scenarios were based around the fact that, if you wear this smell, women will show signs of mental instability and behaviour that would warrant immediate institution. Apparently this is what guys love though, which bodes well for me.

The brief was based around obsession, so I thought of things that women are generally go crazy over, ie. fashion, diets, bad boys, babies (none of which I can relate to). I thought of replacing those obsessions with the 'Axe effect'.

Example 1: Shoe sale - no women to be seen

 Example 2: Pop star concert - no women to be seen

The captions next to the Axe bottle are blank. I was thinking of something like 'Where are the women?', implying that they have all flocked to the men wearing Axe. Alternatively, there could be no Axe bottle, just these situations with no clue to the product, with only the line 'Where are the women?' This could turn into a series of print and TV ads that pop up asking where have all the women gone. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself but it could go off on many tangents or turn into a mini campaign - off the top of my head I thought of 'Find the women' competitions and challenges, looking for specific women in places or pictures inside magazines or lids of Axe spray.

Here is another example of Axe making a woman forget about one common obsession, which men can find irritating, just by smelling Axe and transferring all her attention on the man.

Focusing more on the target market (12-22 year old guys), I had an idea that I thought would appeal more to teenage boys and seem more relatable. This is a small storyboard for an ad:

We see shots and close ups of a man's shirt and a woman's hands, lots of skin and images that can't be deciphered to the background of some sexy romantic music.

Camera pulls out to reveal it's just one girl in a man's shirt, holding herself and getting turned on (nothing too obscene). Then it cuts to the boy's changing room filled with teenage boys in uniform and one undressed guy looking in his locker, which has Axe body spray in in obviously, asking his friend, 'Mate, have you seen my shirt?'

I found this idea was more what the brief asked and stuck to the obsession subject whilst sticking to the target market.

Friday, 14 October 2011

F, 25, GSOH looking for creative partner

In the spirit of being pro-active and productive during these harsh times of unemployment, I have joined Single Creatives.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Push Pin Story

Months ago I saw McCann Ericksson in new York were offering a 3 month internship to whoever wrote the best story about this push pin

The media requirements were obscurely specific (11 photos, 743 words or less, mp3 of 3 min 39 secs etc)
If you won the internship, you'd also have the pin sent to you. I thought WHY NOT? Let's do this.

I wanted to tell a story, but not a direct 'this is what happened' story, but one you could interpret for yourself. Something that would give you a general idea of this pin's life.

I ordered a box of these pins from the US as I wanted it to be the exact same one. I went around London and took a bunch of touristy photos with the pins such as...

I made them into postcards and addressed them to the pin at McCann NYC and wrote messages on the back from the pin's 'friends' and 'family', saying they missed him and hoped to see him soon. They'd all come together to make him little postcards with a few words on each, which then made a whole sentence when put together. The idea was not really your standard story, but was more about bringing the pin to life, giving it an existence. You could maybe work out he is originally from London, has a good fun home life and is loved.

I lost confidence in my idea and assumed the deadline was over so I admittedly abandoned it because I didn't think it was clever enough to stand out. However, they contacted me and asked if I'd sent anything (amazed that they had remembered me asking for the address months ago), and they said they'd give me until the end of the week so I thought, again, why not? I finished addressing them up and sent them.

Here are the final products.


I saw this ad in the cinema and never would have thought it was for Levi's jeans. I found the cinematography mesmerising and the words inspirational. It was more effective on the big screen but none the less, still moving.

This is a great campaign that Levi's are taking global by "beefing up their human capital"and re-branding themselves. They're supporting non-profit organisations and pioneers, working with to deliver sanitation and clean water to people living in poverty. It's about working together to make our lives better for ourselves, taking control of our future.