Friday, 9 May 2014

sex sex sex sex sex and yogurt

I'm so sick of non-sexual foods doing overly sexual ads.

Main reason for this outburst is Muller's new Deluxe Fruit Corner ad featuring Nicole Scherzinger.
Her 'muller-licious' line was cringe enough without her now orgasming in the back of a cab.

Not only does she scream 'yes baby.. YES!' after taking a bite of a yogurt (A YOGURT), but then when the cab throws her forward, she sits up with the creamy substance on her nose... basically like the yogurt just jizzed on her face. She then giggles it off like this is normal behaviour whilst the cab driver is most likely thinking she is clinically insane.

Take a look:

Nicole really shows off her wide range of acting skills as she's also the current spokesperson for Herbal Essences, another ad in which she climaxes whilst washing her hair. No wonder guys think they don't have to work hard.

She really loves chocolate sprinkles

Another one that really angers me is the Flora advert. What is sexual about butter? Not much, until Flora decide to show some cartoon children walk in on their parents boning, which they watch for ages. Then they all go and have some toast. Bit weird.

Definitely not sure why horny mum and dad are animated in the style of a children's story? Not sure who this is aimed at as, even though mum is the obvious consumer choice, this ad wouldn't look out of place on CBeebies. Which frankly creeps me out.

If you've read my Pussy is for Women blog post you will know that I'm not a prude, I just like my adverts to be more dimensional; to sell me the product in an original way and not just unnecessarily base it around sex.

HOWEVER, in the spirit of proving that sometimes sex CAN work, I am giving a shout out to a genius spoof Aston Martin print ad. It's not real, but it's brilliant - made for pre-owned cars….

"You know you're not the first, but do you really care?"

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tesco's F&F'ing good ad

Tesco's have really impressed me in the past year. I don't know what changes they have made internally, but they seem to be doing everything right; from their funny ads, to their legendary Twitter banter, to their very well-timed advice online… they have really stood out as a brand that, well, stands out.

My reason for this sudden Tesco love-fest is because I saw their new F&F summer range advert today.

At first I thought it was for a big high street store, maybe H&M or TopShop, because the music was cool, the clothes were bang on trend, and the models looked liked something out of Victoria Secret (which they are).

Take a look...

I don't buy clothes from Tesco's; mainly because I assume the F&F range is for the older woman or children. In fact, I don't buy my clothes from supermarket chains at all. 

Clothing ads from supermarkets are always so try hard and always feature Coleen Rooney or someone else you'd rather not look like. However, like most of Tesco's recent style, this ad oozes a blasé attitude - like they're not even trying. And that makes it cool.

With some of these items going for as little at £3, I will definitely make a visit to the superstore to take a closer look at these Brazilian beauties (the clothes, not the women), and this may be premature, but I'm guessing this simple ad has just bagged them a wealth of new customers.

Me on my day off