Sunday, 9 June 2013

When my Buzzfeed went viral.

So a very weird thing happened over the weekend.

On Thursday I made my second ever Buzzfeed post. I'd been thinking about it for a while and reckoned some nostalgic photos of things from my grunger days would entertain my pals from school. I created '26 Things That Will Remind You Of Being a Grunger' just from a few photos I'd Googled -  a pic of Camden Market, poppers, Bolt jeans and tortured dolls - and published it on Facebook, announcing it was 'dedicated to my peeps from 2001'.

I got a few likes, I got a few comments, then I got some shares, then I noticed people were sharing it on random people's walls, then I noticed people were commenting and tagging their friends. Less than 24 hours later, I saw my article had had 24k views. I searched for it on Twitter and saw streams of people talking about it.

As it stands, 36 hours since publishing, my article has:

7.7k people have viewed it from Buzzfeed 
39k people have viewed it on social media platform 
Which is a total of around 47,000 views

It has made it onto the 'Big Stories' column on the front page of

And I have received a few Buzzfeed emails, informing me on my post's progression and giving me 'awards'...

I was also quite shocked to see that it has been shared on Facebook 23,914 times.

I got a lot of great comments...

However, I did get some very negative ones. Mainly from people who were upset by parts of the post.

I feel I must clarify, I was not trivialising self harm and I definitely wasn't making light of it. The whole article is neither negative nor positive. I didn't glorify it and I didn't mock it, however self harm wasn't uncommon amongst young people of that community. I do apologise for those people who were offended, but I do think that people are quick to jump on the PC wagon and turn things around to look malicious. 

Other people who were offended by my article, which I found to be very amusing, were 'real grungers' or 'real goths', who felt that my article was completely wrong and that I didn't know anything about being a grunger. Some people on weren't happy at all....

And my personal favourite....

Anyway, there were many more positive comments than negative, but what shocked me the most was how much the article resonated with people across the UK. I literally wrote this for myself and my friends to laugh and reminisce about how we used to be, I had no idea that so many other people were the same.

What amused me was that  a lot of people think that I work for Buzzfeed or assume that my post was drummed up by a team of brainwashing people at Buzzfeed. Sorry to disappoint but I did it in my living room whilst Eastenders was on. 

Anyway, that was pretty cool and weird at the same time. Unfortunately this means that the pressure is now on and my next one has to be amazing. I can now 'Launch my Buzz' when posting my next article. I assume this means that my next one will be automatically propelled into cyberspace because of my current standing. If anyone has any suggestions about what to write next please send them my way because I just don't know how I will top this.