Thursday, 16 January 2014

Goodbye sugar!

You may have heard of the Australian bestseller, 'I Quit Sugar', by Sarah Wilson. After reading her interview and recipes in YOU Magazine, I was intrigued.

Dietary essentials are carbs, protein and veg... sugar is actually the one thing we don't need.
'That's easy!' I thought, 'all I really need to cut out is cake, chocolate, sweets etc. I still get to eat meat, carbs, dairy... '.

The first meal time was a party.

But that kind of diet has no longevity. I need food for lunch at work, food for on the go, and meals that are sustainable. So I stepped foot inside Sainsbury's to find some sugar-free delights. Here's a tip - THERE ARE NONE. I was wandering the aisles like a lost little match girl for an hour, clinging olives and salami close to my chest, gasping at how much sugar is in everything.

The world is literally against people who are trying to cut out sugar. There was an aisle for products that had no gluten, no dairy, no wheat... most food groups. 'LOW FAT!' is everywhere, but it's all packed with obscene amounts of sugar. 'Healthy' cereals were really shocking. I have realised that porridge is the best thing to have for breakfast, but what to have on it? Fruit? No. Honey? No. So now cinnamon has become my new best friend and I'm eating and buying lots of weird shit like cocoanut flakes and kale.

So smug

To be fair, it does sounds drastic, but as long as I've got bacon, eggs, cheese, fresh bread; nothing processed, then I'm good to go. Which is probably the best option anyway, isn't it? There are loads of really bloody nice looking recipes in Wilson's book and I'm keen to give this a proper try. Plus I get to swap sugar for natural fats... helloooo crackling! The only issue I see me facing really is the expense of specially made food and the effort that comes with making each meal ahead of time with fresh ingredients. I'd love to be able to cut out sugar completely, but the 21st century may beat me down. We'll see.....

Goodbye, my sweet.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Reasons to Believe

Happy New Year!

I spent my New Year in Paris. What a spectacularly, mind-blowingly, awesomely... shit idea. They don't do countdowns, fireworks or sing Auld Lang Syne. In true British fashion, I silently grumbled and shuffled off. I may do a blog post on the highs and lows of Paris eventually as I'd love to try and put the Moulin Rouge experience into words - attempting something more detailed than 'very camp'.

Anyway, my first post of 2014 is unfortunately one of my employer's competitors, Coca Cola.

I only spotted their new ad last night so forgive my tardiness. If you haven't seen it take a look below with the volume up.

This ad is part of their 'Reasons to Believe' campaign, a campaign that has already run successfully in 70 other countries. I loved the gritty feel to the ad, using news clips and real footage. Brid Drohan-Stewart, Marketing Activation Director says, "This campaign takes us back to the heartland of what our brand has always stood for – talking to people on an emotional level about topics that are relevant to them and spreading happiness and optimism." The ad definitely made me feel optimistic and made me want read more about the campaign.

I searched their hashtag, #ReasonsToBelieve, to see what kind of response it has, and it's mainly people using the hashtag to say how much they love/hate the ad. I'm unsure to what Coke want people to with the hashtag; is it for people to share their stories of hope and spread the optimism? I expect the social element is for the public to get involved by tweeting their own 'reasons to believe' in a better world. On Instagram the hashtag has over 500 photos, most of which are inspiring images and quotes. However, for those people who don't take too much notice of ads, I think the call to actions needs to be clearer as the potential for engagement is huge.

 It's a powerful message, great campaign, and I look forward to seeing what else they have planned this year.