Sunday, 27 October 2013

Quick n Easy Lichtenstein Comic Girl Make Up

Last night I went to the Coronet Theatre's A Danse Macabre Ball as the Lichtenshtein comic book Crying Girl. For those who aren't familiar, this is her:

And so this is what I looked like.

I know there are probably 1000 tutorials on this already but fancied doing my own as I find make up tutorials can be quite annoying for two main reasons.
1) Video bloggers love the sound of their own voice and ramble for an 18 minute clip that could easily be under 5.
2) You are expected to use a range of different sized brushes and palettes of 24 shades from Mac to achieve your look.

So, start with your face. Perhaps with an apprehensive expression that shows you hope this goes smoothly.

Hair first as always. I pinned back the longer bit of my hair first so it looked like I had short hair, then pinned down the front as colour spray works best on hair that is secure and already in place. (Nightmare to style hair after you have sprayed it)

Then get some Snazzaro black paint and your average small paint brush and draw around these parts of your face; hairline, jawline, cheekbones, eyebrows, lips and nose. Don't forget expression lines and the teary blob to make yourself look a bit sad.

Get a pink lip liner and start dotting. Start from the top corner of your face and go diagonally down across, this just helps keep it even.

Get some white paint (I actually used real paint as it is brighter) and highlight your lips, nose tip, under the eyes, and the teary blob to give that blobby sheen.

Don't forget to dot all your visible skin as it looks better, and to outline your collarbone and cleavage (reow). Get a sponge and put some black down your neck to create a cartoony shadow and add some depth to your face. 

I had to tie all of my hair back in the end as the yellow spray gave up on me towards the end which is a shame but teaches me to always over-spend on the spray when you have a monstrous amount of hair.

Go over your black outlines again to freshen it up and paint a parting in your hair to make it look drawn on. Make sure you do your ears too. I used a black felt tip for this. 

Get some white card and cut it out into a quotation bubble, write your exclamations in black marker and you're done!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Perverted Experience

Last Saturday was my boyfriend's birthday. I wanted to spice up the evening and take him somewhere he would never forget. To naughty underworld for a delicious experience.

We made our way to Old Compton St in Soho, and I took him here:

A man inside was wearing a tight vest and sporting a bondage mouth gag ball casually around his neck.
As I spoke to the man, my boyfriend was shifting a few paces behind me, unaware of what we were about to do or what I had planned.

We were taken downstairs and squeezed passed a few sexy looking people in black, until it opened up into an underground cave filled with booze, dinner tables, and very normal looking people. Disco music was blaring out from Prince to Jackson 5, and the bar staff were powering the electric atmosphere by downing shots with punters.

This is La Bodega Negra. A mexican restaurant. I won't do a whole review of the food as I am not a food critic, however I had Octopus and Chorizo skewers and my boyfriend had pork belly and both were amazing. Drinks were great and we got a complimentary tequila which we had to down on the spot (my kind of place). It was obviously more than your average Big Mac but a lot less than you'd expect. 

I love doing things that put me out of my comfort zone and so does my boyfriend so he was very pleasantly surprised (but maybe a bit disappointed too?!!) that I had arranged something so misleading. I also like the feeling that I am in on something secret that others aren't - the expression on people's faces in the street when we came out of the restaurant was priceless.

On another note, I wonder how many men have gone in there thinking it was a peep show and were embarrassingly turned away?!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Halloween planning... YESSSSSSSSS!!!

So my favourite time of the year is quickly approaching... A week long fright-fest filled with masked balls, intricate pumpkin designs, ghost stories, fancy dress and Hocus Pocus on repeat. I would be happy if every Christmas, Easter and birthday was replaced with Halloween. I love it so much you'd think I was American, and it saddens me that many of my friends don't appreciate this holiday.

I always try and out-costume myself every year.

In 2011, one of my costumes was Frank the Playboy Bunny (see Donnie Darko)

And one of my Halloween costumes for 2012 was a Molly Dolly

Now this year has to be bigger, better.
One, two costumes is not enough. I am already going to The Dance Macabre Halloween Ball at the Coronet London, but I need more! Last year I spent actual Hallow's Eve night on my own watching A Serbian Film, which I have to say was a let down in many respects. This year is all about preparation and here are my inspirations for this year. 

Wish me luck and I'll see you in your nightmares!!