Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Lucozade Energy makes The Drum's "Best Brand Vines of 2015" List

Up there with the likes of my favourite social brands such as Lego, Marmite and Adidas; Lucozade Energy  made it into The Drum's Best Brand Vines of 2015, as well as Twitter's Top Global Brand Vines of 2015.
Having led the social content for Lucozade Energy's 'Find Your Flow' campaign, I am pleased our Vine formats have been accredited. We had great success with them on Twitter, achieving over 22% engagement rate, compared to 2% FMCG benchmark.
We noticed which Vines were performing best and optimised them, not just on Twitter, but created versions for Facebook, targeting our audience with the most engaging and shareable concepts.
I only wish they had shown the best performing (and my personal favourite) Vine as the example in both articles! Which was this one:

Looping videos work so well to bring out the visual aspect of 'Flow'.
We are about to go live with our exciting new content as part of our Always-On Social Plan and we have improved upon these learnings ten-fold. Can't wait to share it!
Here are both articles for your viewing. Enjoy.