Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Porn Identity

Holy shit guys, I'm not even sure how it's been over a year since my last post. Luckily for you, I'm back with some porn - yaaaay (a cheap ploy to get you back but hey I know what works)

sorry, this will be SFW

Last week I met a guy and we were talking about advertising and marketing, which was so great because most people I meet don't care. (sad for me)

I often forget that my friends don't absorb or remember ads like I do.
I'm critiquing the tag line, the creative, the call to action; "is it clear?", "Is the brand coming through??", "Is this aligned with other aspects of their campaign????!!!!!!"

I mean, it's exhausting.

Most people who see this Oasis ad wouldn't think twice about it, whereas I am in some kind of emotional turmoil.

It's just very uninspired. Where can this idea of shrugging off advertising as a waste of time really go beyond here? In 4 years time when this campaign has gotten tired, they will revert back to these "rubbish marketing tactics" and it will just be awkward for everyone.

I admire brands who try hard enough to make you connect with their brand through good content.
I love content which entertains and inspires me. I believe brands should strive to do the same for their audience. It's what drives me creatively, in and outside of work.

So yes, when I met this guy, it might sound geeky but I was geeking out over the fact he shared some cool campaigns with me. My personal favourite, and undoubtedly the reason you have bothered to read this post, was for PornHub.

So, imagine your job is to get people to use one of the most popular sites on the internet; PornHub.

Sounds easy right?

But wait.
  1. Your brand name is censored from most sites because you're porn
  2. You can't get ad space anywhere
  3. You have no media budget
  4. Most people who use your brand wouldn't ever admit it
  5. And people who don't use your brand probably hate you and what you stand for.

You could say who really cares about the above because, if you are the 62nd most visited site on the planet, why do you need anyone to like the brand?
Well, everyone has to build their brand. Brands outlive products. When your product is waning and a competitor swoops in with a shinier version of your product, the fact you have a trusted, recognised and loved brand will save the day.

PornHub wanted to build their brand; be the first to make porn accepted, unashamed, mainstream...

"The Playboy of the 90's"

So, enough chat. Here are a few content highlights from PornHub which I feel did a great job of bringing porn into the spotlight in creative & inventive ways.


"Love the planet by loving yourself" - this FitBit-esque device generates kinetic energy when shaken up and down.. wheeey. This contained a USB port so guys can charge their phones with the energy they produced.
This was only a prototype, but more importantly racked up 3.5m views with no media spend. A great way to get PornHub on the map.


On April Fool's Day, PornHub transformed into CORNHUB (lol), with hot steamy vids of corn getting shucked and plowed. Videos racked up millions and made it into mainstream mentions.


PornHub's own health initiative; protecting the people of Rio spreading the Zika Virus. Over the Olympics they offered a free premium membership to anyone from Rio who signed up, encouraging them to abstain from sex to help keep the risk of infection down.
They got nearly 38,000 sign ups from Brazil alone during this time.

PornHub Gives America Wood:

In 2014, for every 100 videos viewed in a certain section (male bits) of the site, PornHub would plant a tree! They have so far planted 15,473 trees.
Similarly in 2012, for every 30 views of a boob-related video, 1 cent would be donated to a breast cancer charity.

Only time will tell if PornHub will ever be a house-hold name that people feel proud to openly talk about. They have a long way to go as, ultimately, they need to take a lead in cleaning up the industry. However, these creative, data-driven ideas are ones to be proud of and the results have certainly not fallen flaccid.