Monday, 31 December 2012

Best ad of 2012

This year has seen a variation of memorable ads; Vinnie Jones’ British Heart Foundation, Inferno’s Listen to the Kids, Skittles Midas touch, Guardian’s Three Little Pigs, and the ever-irritating Go Compare and Wowcher ads.

However, I felt I needed to write a post on my favourite one of 2012. Not just an ad but the whole campaign by AMV BBDO that has been running since 2010; Snickers – You’re Not You When You’re Hungry. The ads are still shown today and I think they have remained the best of the year.

The message that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry is massively relatable on a global scale. I know for a fact that I turn into a diva/zombie/monster when I’m starving, and it’s something that everyone has experienced. This is why I believe it works so well. Message aside, the idea of using celebrities who have played notoriously evil characters, or those who have exaggerated their negative stereotype, is genius. The most popular one in the UK is the football locker room ad called ‘Divas’, starring Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham,

In the US, they had a version featuring Joe Pesci which was hilarious…

 And also the Betty White version, which was shown at the Superbowl 2010…

“After only three months of the campaign in market, the brand not only reversed declining volume sales, but experienced franchise volume sales growth driven by singles gains that surpassed the objectives of 3% and 5%.”

There was a Twitter branch of the campaign which saw five UK celebrities post very out of character tweets. Once they generated enough confusion, they posted a photo of themselves with the chocolate bar and quoted the now famous tagline.

This plan got masses of coverage in the press and media and it just shows how influential celebrity endorsement can be. This is the first time I’ve actually really liked the celebrity endorsement of a product because they are mocking themselves by taking the public’s perceptions of them and having fun with it, all whilst reaching out to the audience on a very personal, relevant level.

To end, here are some print ads from the campaign that I thought to be amusing. Here’s to more great ads in 2013!