Tuesday, 8 August 2017

YOU are a KICKASS creative!

As Britney Spears once sang; 

"There's only two types of people in the world; the ones that entertain, and the ones that observe"

It's not often I start a post quoting such a highly reputable source, yet she brings up an interesting point.

It is quite common for people to assume one of two personality roles:
The creative person or the logical person.

Either you are artistic or you are scientific...

A dreamer or grounded...

Right-brained or left-brained.

Here is a humorously awful pic which demonstrates what it's like to be right and left-brained.
Basically you are either grey and boring, or you are kooky and potentially unhinged.

AKA: The Geek in IT vs. the Twat in Marketing

Now, I'm not 100% sure, but I think, I THINK, I have a rep for being right-brained.
Here are the comments I received from my colleagues when asked what my strengths were...

but guys, I have so much more to give

Most of the time in my job, I am asked to contribute to projects because "she's the creative one" and "has ideas".

Now, as flattering as that is, it's bullshit.

Most lefty's assume they do not have the capacity to come up with ideas; handing over the "fluffy stuff" to agencies and paying a shit ton of money for the pleasure.

Well I am here to tell you that this is no more. I believe anyone and everyone can have ideas.
If you can find a new route to work, put together an outfit for the day, cook a meal - these are all ideas.

Maybe a part of your job requires you to come up with "a new, cool way to...blah blah" or "a great way to inspire... blah blah", and maybe you're filled with dread by this because you don't consider yourself to be someone who wears a Shoreditch topknot or weeps into paintbrushes.

I recently read a book called "A Technique for Producing Ideas" and, although it was written in 1965, it is still very applicable for today.

It takes about 15 minutes to read, and gives you FIVE very easy steps on how to get ideas.

It is simply this:

1. Gather The Info: 
ALL of it. Every piece of info about the topic. This is usually where people fall at the first hurdle because they can't be arsed and expect inspiration to "come to them".
Do your research. Write it down. Not only about your subject, but clue yourself up on general knowledge and what's going on around you. These are your puzzle pieces, and the more of them you have, the bigger the picture you can create.

2. Think:
He uses a nice analogy of a kaleidoscope; how you have thousands of pieces which can make an infinite number of new patterns depending on which angle you view them from. 
This is what you have to do. Match, pair, mix and absorb all these pieces you have collected.

3. Do Nothing:
My favourite part. Literally fuck it off. Go do something you enjoy; take your mind off it and onto something that makes you feel good. You have everything you need to know in your head, let it stew.

4. The Idea!:
Whether this is in the shower, whilst you're driving, or about 1am when you're trying to sleep - it will appear. An idea will pop up. Write it down.

5. Work It:
Maybe in the cold light of day you're like "actually maybe this is a shit idea". Share it. Tell it to people. This is the part I feel I can never do alone. I need people to see the good, build on the bad, and fill in the gaps.

And that's basically it. 

And you too, are capable of amazing ideas such as this.

This method is more modernly called the "Incubation" technique, but there are literally so many different techniques you can use.

I have had a few Creative Leadership sessions with a company called Upping Your Elvis which I will share in my next post, as I really believe anyone is capable of having ideas and empowering themselves to be creative. So give it a whirl.

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