Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Lucozade Energy ranked #16 in Top 100 social brands

Just a quick one from me tonight.

Every year, The Grocer releases the Top 100 socially savvy brands, and I'm pleased to say that Lucozade Energy UK was ranked high at #16, pipping big global brands such as Doritos (#17), Cadburys (#46) and Coca-Cola (#67) to the post.

Ranked by brands' content engagement rates across both Facebook & Twitter.

Brands that may have smaller followings are outstripping the performance of their large global competitors because they’re keeping content localised and contextual. To quote Doyle from The Social Retail agency “They’re connecting with their fans in a true and very honest way”.

We don't have a massive following on social compared to some of our global competitors, however we are big on contextual messaging and targeting; understanding our audience, creating content bespoke for them, and being relevant to them at the right time, with a relatable message. 

A unsurprising learning from the list; brands are now using Twitter less, debating whether or not they need to be on both. Are their audiences using both? 
We focus more on Facebook for entertaining content, and use Twitter for conversations and interacting with reactive news. Those are how most people use both sites, so why not adapt what you do on those channels to fit audience behaviours? Brands just really need to act like a person.

Our gif content had very high level of engagement on
Facebook, and became Hall & Partners' new 
best in class score for digital engagement
Shout out to IRN-BRU who made #1. I have no idea what the fuck they are on about, but they are clearly creating content for, and appealing massively to, their most important demographic: the Scots.

Anyway, yay us.

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